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What is "Kids Age"?

KIDS AGE 3D Newspaper

You have seen 3D Movies, Games, Mobile, TV, etc... Have you heard of a 3D newspaper before? Yes, 3D Newspaper that's what the Kids Age newspaper decided to do for its readers. This was an experiment they challenged themselves and delivered The India's first 3D Newspaper. It took 3 months for the team of Kids Age to create the customized 3D images for the special edition. All the images of the articles in the newspaper were 3D and the text was in the regular format. 50,000 copies were printed of the special edition of the Kids Age, which was more than regularly printed copies. A free "3D glasses" was given with each of these newspapers. Kids Age has plans of continuing with some special 3D editions during the coming years.
  • It provides all current information relevant school students.
  • It provides scholarship to the students.  
  • It provides information related to different schools.
  • It provides fun activities, jokes, riddles, stories, etc. which contribute to the overall growth of students.Lorem Ipsum is simply
  • It encourages students to interact with others by participating in the various competitions organised by KIDS AGE.